Bi-Color Tomatoes


Solar Flare
This 6-10 ounce tomato is red with gold stripes.  Consistently eye-catching, this variety produced beautiful red and gold striped tomatoes that were meaty and sweet. Solar Flare is an early producer. 80 Days. Indeterminate.


Lucky Cross
This potato-leaved yellow and red bi-color has a delightful flavor that is both sweet and complex.  One of it’s ancestors is Pink Brandywine making it one of the best-tasting bi-colors in the garden.  85 Days. Indeterminate.


Virginia Sweets is one of the best tasting bi-colored heirloom beefsteaks you can grow, with a delicious balance of sweet and tangy. Absolutely gorgeous and huge, weighing up to one pound. Starts golden with red stripes that blush ruby.  80-90 Days. Indeterminate.


These very beautiful tomatoes are a stunning combination of fine-lined golden yellow and red stripes.  Their gold flesh is streaked with red and is very juicy, flavorful, and sweet. 85 Days.  Indeterminate.


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