Large Red Tomatoes


Pink Brandywine (Suddeth’s Strain)
The Brandywine tomato plant has large potato-leaved foliage and bears large pink beefsteak-shaped fruit. The plant can get to 9 feet and the fruit can get to 24 oz.  I think that Brandywine has a beautifully sweet flavor that is offset by a wonderful acidity. 85 Days.  Indeterminate.


This is my favorite tomato to grow because it tastes so good.  It is red and good for eating fresh or in salsa or sauce. 80 Days. Indeterminate.


A large Italian variety that is meaty and Roma-shaped.  It has very few seeds and is ideal for sauces and canning.  80 Days.  Indeterminate


Lincoln is a determinate variety that grows to be about three feet tall.  The plant is bushy and didn’t need a cage.  Fruits are 3 inches wide, red, round, and great for fresh eating.  75 Days.  Determinate.


Costoluto Genovese
An Italian tomato that has vigorous vines and produces ribbed, firm, fleshy fruits weighing up to 7 oz., with fine, sweet flavor. Good disease resistance. 85 Days. Indeterminate.


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