Large Red Tomatoes


Pink Brandywine (Suddeth’s Strain)
The Brandywine tomato plant has large potato-leaved foliage and bears large pink beefsteak-shaped fruit. The plant can get to 9 feet and the fruit can get to 24 oz.  I think that Brandywine has a beautifully sweet flavor that is offset by a wonderful acidity. 85 Days.  Indeterminate.



A large Italian variety that is meaty and Roma-shaped.  It has very few seeds and is ideal for sauces and canning.  80 Days.  Indeterminate




60-100 days. Determinate. Good for canning, also excellent fresh; large red 8-oz globes. Good yields and flavor, large vines. A fine New Jersey heirloom.


Marioanna's Peace

Marianna’s Peace

Plant produces good yields of 1 to 2 lb pinkish-red beefsteak tomatoes. One of the best tasting tomatoes on the market. The tomato is very delicious with a rich old tomato flavor. Perfect for salads, slices, and sandwiches. A potato leaf variety. Excellent choice for home gardens. A heirloom variety from the Marianne Worschech Tibbetts family who were farmers from Bohemia, now the Czech Republic.


Caspian Pink

Caspian Pink

A heirloom tomato that originated in Russia’s Black Sea region, this variety yields large, finely flavored 12 oz. pink tomatoes on indeterminate vines. Savor the mild, delectable fruits either fresh or in cooking.


Giant Belgium

Giant Belgium

This is a succulent and enormous dark 1 1/2 to 2 lb. pink tomato is sweet and very mild, and the large fruits are very attractive. Pink-skinned tomatoes occur as a result of a clear skin over red flesh. (Ordinary red tomatoes have yellow skin over red flesh.) When ripe fruits retain green pigment, tomatoes take on purple and brownish hues.



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